The Indonesia Exposé is the flagship promotional event of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in New Delhi.
Year 2017 will mark the 2nd edition of the Exposé that has been organized by the Indonesian Embassy.

Message From The Ambassador


Selamat Pagi


While recognising the fact that figures on bilateral trade and investment do not actually reflect the true potentials both countries can tap into in this incoming 16–17 November 2017 in New Delhi, the Indonesian Embassy is proudly presenting again its flagship promotion event themed the 2 nd Edition of Indonesia Exposé: “Seizing Trade, Industry, Tourism, Investment, and Services Opportunity from Indonesia”;


Bringing about what the 1 st Edition has achieved and delivered and ensued by the State Visit of President Jokowi to India on December last year, the 2 nd Edition of Indonesia Exposé is pursuing 3 (three) apposite focussed industrial sectors, namely Maritime, Pharmaceuticals (including Bio–Pharma and Bio–Plasma), and Sugar.



The Indonesia Exposé strives to consolidate Indonesia–India industrial tie–ups, by evolving rhetoric on historical assets both have been sharing over millennia onto commercial action, thus bringing in more muscles of Indian industries as per their current dynamic, right into Indonesia economy.


In so venturing, unnecessary disruptions in the overall framework of strategic economic partnership will be neutralised, and good to better, friends, when partnering strategically, we are partnering as Siblings, true strategic siblings, and we mean what we are saying.



bhaiyo our beheno,


The entire programme of the Exposé is structured into the following:

  • Business Fora :
  • Updates from Regions :
  • Business Matchmaking :

where Indian industry meets not only the most senior Indonesian government officers from Investment Promotion Agency, and technical Ministries dealing with focussed sectors; But also, Indonesia’ State Owned Enterprises and private companies;

  • Business clinic for those require facilitation in business meetings;
  • Our Indian groups of company are also going to present testimonials on their successful investment in Indonesia; and
  • Over time we will continually invest efforts in data mining and collate business queries for further actions.



We will definitely manage our strong will, to consolidate this business tie–ups, recapitalizing rhetoric about historical trails for modern times, thus bringing in the might of Indian industries, right into Indonesia economy for truest meaning of doing business.

Terima kasih.



Key Focussed Sectors


WHAT is the Indonesia Exposé?
The Indonesia Exposé is the flagship promotional event of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in New Delhi. The year 2017 will mark the 2 nd edition of the Exposé that has been organized by the Indonesian Embassy.
WHAT is the Aim of the Exposé?
The event strives to provide an exclusive integrated platform, with the aim to consolidate Indonesia–India strategic economic partnership. Through this, bringing in Indian industries into Indonesia will serve the ultimate goal of boosting Indonesia and India industrial tie-ups.
HOW will the Aims be achieved?
The Exposé hopes to achieve its aims by mapping out, solving problems, and consolidating relevant business stakeholders of respective countries in various sectors. The event will also consider extensive ways to seize every opportunity in economic cooperation, encourage increased of joint ventures in selected and segmented sectors in many regions in Indonesia, neutralize unnecessary disruptions in supply chain so as to build up direct trading; and also if necessary, overhaul modalities in which respective business communities do business with each other.
WHEN and WHERE is the Exposé taking place?
The Indonesia Exposé 2017 will take place on Thursday–Friday, 16-17 November 2017 in New Delhi (Eros Hotel, Nehru Place).
HOW is the 2 nd edition of the Indonesia Exposé structured?
It is structured through various events/sessions, such as: A. Updates from Regions B. Business Fora / Talk shows C. Business Matchmaking D. Business to Business (B2B) / Business to Government (B2G) / Business clinic / surgery E. Commodity auctions & investment opportunities Updates from Regions will elaborate every opportunity in auctioning commodities and disseminate JV and JO opportunities. Moreover, business clinic/surgery is expected to provide a platform for respective traders/importers, in particular, to close direct business deals; and respective business communities to pledge investments, JV/JO etc. Expectedly, EoI/LoI/MoU drafts of economic cooperation shall also be negotiated/agreed upon during the event.
WHY has it been organized?
The Exposé has been designed and organized to offer Indian wholesalers/sole agencies, distributors, and importers, diversified Indonesian commodities/products. It has been directed to overhaul the trade scenario between the two strategic economic partners. It has also been designed to map out a scenario of investment mobilization to satisfy complementarity of respective industries.
WHO will be the speakers?
I. The Embassy has consolidated and mobilized speakers from Indonesia for all of the sessions (each consisting of minimum 3 speakers), and it can also provide a potentially collaborative chamber with slots of speakers the latter shall nominate and mobilize. II. Amongst Indonesian speakers are senior officers from the Central Government (Investment Coordinating Board / BKPM, various relevant Ministries etc.), Managing Directors of state-owned enterprises, and private companies. Meanwhile, leaders from provincial/regional governments (Governors, Mayors) will speak at “Updates from the Regions” sessions. IndonesianEmbassyNDE2017
WHICH Fields does the event cover?
The event covers five broad fields, namely: 1) Trade 2) Industry 3) Tourism 4) Investment 5) Services Not only that the Exposé will map out and consolidate each field, but also open up for the possibility to consolidate those fields for the improved quantity of delivery.
WHAT are the Key Focused Sectors of the 2 nd edition of the Indonesia Exposé?
The 2 nd edition of the Exposé’s three focus sectors highlighted are: 1) Maritime Economies-related industries 2) Pharmaceuticals (Including Bio-Pharma and BioPlasm) 3) Sugar Industry
WHAT will the Maritime Economies focus sector cover?
The Maritime Economies focus sector will cover the development of integrated seaports / infrastructures (to include riverways and lakes), trans domestic sea lanes connectivity, shipping / cruising and dockyard industries, logistics, port authority management (venture opportunities in Indonesia and India / paving way of Padang-Chennai ports twinning), aqua / marine tourism, and coastal economies development, etc.
WHAT will the Pharmaceutical focus sector cover?
The Pharmaceutical focus sector will map out and weigh in possible JV / JO on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), especially for treatment of critical illnesses, venture opportunities in biopharma, bioplasm, research, and development, technology transfer and capacity building of skilled professionals, and medical equipment, etc.
WHAT will the Sugar focus sector cover?
The Sugar focus sector will highlight the roles and model of sugar cooperatives / private factories in India, possible scenario on modernizing and advancing ecosystem in the sugar industrial complex in Indonesia emulating the India model, sugar trading, overhaul of regional supply chain, etc.
WHO is eligible to participate?
Participation to Business Fora is selected, and by invitation only. From Indonesian side will be represented by the Industry, and relevant government senior officers whereas from Indian side will be represented only by industries. Chambers of commerce & industry in India are requested to nominate own lists for all the sessions.